TCU: Current Projects


Rees-Jones Hall

Reese Jones Hall

This 62,000 square-foot facility, just east of the TCU Library, will house academic classrooms, faculty offices, interdisciplinary space and library functions. The building will also be home to the TCU Energy Institute and the Institute for Child Development. The facility is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2014.


Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Harris College

Construction of this 36,500 square-foot addition to the Annie Richardson Bass Building began in March 2013. It will include classrooms, faculty offices, enhanced technology for its students and a minimum of a LEED Silver certification. Following the completion of the newly added space the existing 52,000 square-foot space will be renovated in the summer of 2014 to complement the new addition.


Upper Division Residence Hall

Upper Division Residence Hall

Construction for the new Upper Division Residence Hall adjacent to the new Marion Hall and Pamela and Edward Clark Hall, is in its initial stages. When completed, the building fronting W. Berry Street south of Bellaire Drive, will be 61,000 square-feet and four stories tall. The facility is planned to accommodate approximately 160 persons with suite-style housing including a combination of two to four bed suites. The facility is scheduled for a minimum of LEED Silver certification.


Parking Garage

Construction for the Worth Hills Parking Garage is expected to break ground December 2014. The structure must be complete prior to reconstruction of the new Greek houses. Located in the current parking lot for Brachman Hall dormitory, the garage will contain approximately 1,100 parking spaces. The garage will have an open view of the surrounding area, be well-lighted and safe.